The Airseptor

The Airseptor system complies with current environmental agency general binding rules, for more information please click the button below.

Environment agency rules

A simple cost-effective way of converting your existing septic tank or cesspit into a modern sewage treatment plant.

A small low wattage air compressor aerates the existing septic tank or cesspit, this breaks up the sewage and also promotes aerobic bacteria growth. This in turn purifies the sewage, the clean water is diverted into the inner chamber of the system and then pumped away by the system to a ditch, soakaway or watercourse.

Benefits of using an Airseptor over other sewage treatment plants.

  • No new tank required

  • Emptying every one to two years maximum

  • Quiet in operation as installation is within existing tank 

  • No major excavations, minimal disturbance to your garden

  • Barely noticeable in your garden

Airseptor specification sheet

Our prices vary, ranging from £3,750 – £5,500 + VAT for single domestic systems.

See how it works

Drag the slider to see what’s inside.

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